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6:00. the storm has been downgraded to a category one. >> earl ray is heavy surf, some went and a little bit of rain. >> it is in beautiful evening down here at ocean city. conditions have definitely improved since the height of the storm here in ocean city from about 11:00 to 1:00. women's average about 23 miles an hour, gusting at 45 miles an hour -- winds averaged about 23 miles an hour. there are actually people swimming in the water. there are swimming at their own risk, which is not a good idea. it was a near miss. >> it looks like ocean city is saying goodbye to hurricane earl. >> the mayor breeks easier after earl just brushes against the
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area. >> i think we made out pretty well. i don't know of any damage in town whatsoever. >> the main hot spot during the storm was the inlet area, times and from all over to take a picture of earl and to the 8-12 foot surf. >> some were impressed, others not so much. >> i am glad there's not any damage or anything. it probably heard the businesses, but at least it is better in the long run. >> i had my boat tied up a few years ago, and it was much worse than this. >> earl was not much of a power, though. there was light to moderate range from time to time. there was some minor flooding during high tide at the lead and
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other low-lying areas. beach erosion was relatively mild, as well. in the end, it was the ocean city emergency operations that really got to put its feet up after a week of preparation. >> this was a thrill for ocean city. -- a drill for ocean city. we were ready for whatever would have come. >> you are looking at a live picture of kids swimming in the water down here at the inlet. that is really not recommended, considering how dangerous the conditions are out there right now. that is something that lifeguards will be taking a look at as we head into the labor day weekend. rip currents are expected through monday and tuesday because of the storm. we are live in ocean city tonight.
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i am lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tom tasselmyer is tracking the storm. >> we can see the storm on radar just off the coast, but it is far enough away that the eye is not being detected by radar. it is safely away from major plant areas as it continues to track of to the north and northeast in the general direction of cape cod. it has weakened from a category 12 tropical sun former as we head late into tonight and tomorrow morning. we expect rapidly improving conditions and a taste of all. we will have that reject a taste of fall. we can get a close-up look of hurricane earl as it heads away
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from our shores. we have a slide show of the best storm pictures on our website, we will keep our storm tracker up for the hurricane season. >> some new financial reports due to be filed today show the strength of political challengers in but the governor's race and the state's attorney's race here in baltimore. that is the headline of tonight's commitment 2010 report. jayne miller joins us live in the newsroom. >> the new reports show that republican bob ehrlich has outraged democratic governor martin o'malley -- out raised governor martin o'malley. challenger gregg bernstein continues to surge in financial support to try to unseat incumbent pat jessamy.
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the challenger continues to pull in donors at a brisk clip, outperforming incumbent pat jessamy by a margin of nearly 3 to 1. the report shows he has raised more than $70,000 in just 19 days from august 10 thru august 29. most of the donations were less than $100, according to the bernstein campaign. he has a comfortable cushion for a last-minute advertising leading up to the election. by contrast, pat jessamy has pulled in $28,000 over the same 19-day period. we reported a loan wednesday, a personal loan jessamy is making to help pay for tv advertising that just started on the air. >> a spokesperson for the o'malley campaign called the
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recent aids in fund-raising for challenger bob ehrlich no big deal. the spokesperson said that have taken a break. the o'malley campaign does maintain a big edge in cash on hand. he says that is a margin of 3 to 1. >> early voting in the state's primary election begins today and runs through the ninth. the primary election is 11 days away. starting today, you can vote early at 46 polling places around the state. they will stay open through next thursday, with the exception of sunday. for more information on where to go and how the process works, go to our website,, and click on politics. >> whether the jobs report out today was good or bad news depends on whom you ask. wall street reacted positively after it was revealed that thousands of new jobs were added, but the employment rate
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still went up. nicole has the latest. >> president obama welcomed news of a better than expected jobs report, but says there is a lot that still needs to be done to turn around the economy. >> president obama touted the latest labor report detailing the creation of 67,000 new jobs in the private sector last month. >> that is positive news and reflect the steps we have already taken to break the back of this recession, but it is not nearly good enough. >> but the employment rate still climbed to 9.6%, the first spike in months, as more people looked for work. >> jobs are being created, just not as fast as they need to, and we will have to continue to work to come up with ideas to further accelerate that job growth. >> administration officials say
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it does not include another stimulus package, but the white house is pushing congress to approve a tax relief measure to help small businesses. >> families are still facing job loss. there are hours cut for those who have kept their jobs. there is still a lot of security in the labor market. all that is the case, consumers are really pulling back. they are not stepping up to the recovery. the president says he plans to roll out a broader set of ideas next week, a week that is expected to be heavily focused on the economy. >> we are learning more about the gunman who held three people hostage at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. police believe james lee never had any intention of ending the standoff alive. detectives say he stormed into the building waving a gun, but it turned out to be a starter
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pistol incapable of hurting anyone. the explosives he had struck to himself could have injured the hostages. >> one man is up at the hospital because he doesn't have health insurance. barry simms joins us live in bellaire. >> it is definitely very frustrating. he says he's getting great care at the hospital, but he is ready to go home. a hospital keeps telling him no. >> this is from the aftermath of that surgery. >> israel hoffman is confined to this room. he suffers from chronic disease. >> when i eat certain foods, my body attacks it as if it is a poison. >> doctors cut open his stomach to relieve swelling. he was given medicine and put on a device to help heal the stomach would. he cannot leave the upper chesapeake medical school campus in this death cannot let him. >> if they were to discharge him
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today, it would put him at greater risk than staying here. >> hoffman was on cobber insurance from the company where he worked, but the company collapsed and the cobra coverage ended days after he became a patient. he applied for coverage under the maryland health insurance plan for state residents who cannot get health insurance. the plans interim director tells us the program received 677 applications on average per month last year. in july, it received 710. most of the people have lost insurance due to unemployment. they still must meet medically eligible criteria. >> i just worry about getting healthier. i know i meet the qualifications of this insurance. it is not my fault that i do not have insurance today. i just know that if i did have the entrance and this was
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processed in a timely manner, i would be home with my family -- if i did have the insurance. the hospital will not release him until he has health coverage that will cover the estimated $13,000 and the cost of home health care that will be needed to treat him. >> i am in good enough condition to go home and take care my family and go to work. it is tough just sitting in this room. >> we will continue to following the situation and hope to get an update on his application next week. >> stay with us, there is more news ahead, including the weekend that hundreds of maryland and teenagers have been waiting for, justin bieber at the maryland state fair. >> the final roster at reagan's camp. one player can feel better about job security.
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>> all eyes are on a cold front coming in from that mountains. right now, temperatures are starting to warm as the sun returns. returns.
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>> many you have heard of justin bieber. he will be performing at the maryland state fair. tickets sold out in 18 minutes. one very lucky young lady won tickets to the concert. she is excited. >> you are going to meet him? >> yes. >> what are you going to say? >> i don't know. hi, and i like your music. >> she is not going to tell you.
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share your photos and cellphone videos with us. we will be happy to show your pictures and video on 11 news. >> i would not know what to say to him, either. >> hey, justin, how is it going? i would guess he is tutored. >> that storms date for enough of the coast to leave us alone. we are in for a great labor day weekend. >> 91 degrees today at the inner harbor, and not one again, but not record territory. 97 was the record, going back to 1898. 46 was a record low. it is possible by sunday or monday morning, some of these areas will sea temperatures in the upper 40's. it will have an out in the
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cooler valleys out west. it still not one at frederick, 82 ed easton and cambridge. -- 91 at frederick. the center of the storm is a couple hundred miles off the coast. the heavy wind and rain will stay out over the atlantic. later tonight and they get brushed with hurricane force winds up that way, but you can see the change for us. the cold front help to push earl away from us and will bring us nice weekend weather. there is a chance that israel will develop as the cold front goes through. both areas will stay dry. the front has some showers associated with it, but what is there will likely fall apart crossing the mountains. behind it, the winds shift to the northwest. a shot of cold, fall air comes in with it. temperatures dropped to 47
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degrees late this afternoon in the upper peninsula of michigan. cincinnati is 78. maybe a sprinkle late tonight as the front goes by, and then the skies clear. tomorrow will be a windy day. strong, high-pressure come the end and the skies will be clearing up. 15-30 miles an hour during the afternoon tomorrow. the sunshine and clear skies will remain. it really is a fantastic labor day weekend forecast. tomorrow, when he but cooler and less humid. small craft advisory on the bay with a west wind gusting to 25. if you are heading to ocean city, the storm is long gone, but the rip current risk is high right for the labor day weekend. high temperatures in the upper
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70's, comfortable at night. the futurecast for the baltimore area, gusty winds tomorrow but lots of sunshine and 79 degrees. we will be down to 51 on average sunday morning. afternoon highs in the upper 70's and low 80's. it might get close to 90 next weekend. wednesday evening there may be a brief shower, but other than that, the next seven days look dry. >> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> most people want a holiday on the labor day weekend, but not people who played football for a living. the ravens will cut down the roster from 75 to 53 players. it was the last chance to impress the coaches in the
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preseason finale. sam bradford in troy smith battling it out early on. jason phillips missed a big chance to make a play. trailing in the second quarter, a big play, but the way he made it really aggravated john harbaugh. don't do that. i love this scene. you play here, you don't play that way, young man. troy smith had an up and down night. this gave the ravens a style of play to feel proud of even if the loss did not close out the preseason on a high note. >> what he did there is epitomizes what we want to be
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about as a football team. sometimes people don't really understand what playing like a raven means, but watch that play. that is what it means. >> after last night, i think we know exactly what it means. the giants that he was fined $7,500 for this kit. roger goodell has reduced the suspension that been raucous burger will have to serve. he was informed he only has to serve a four weeks' suspension -- roethlisberger has to sit out the first month for violating policy. he will have to sit out the first game in pittsburgh. dennis dixon will start at quarterback.
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orioles manager buck showalter wants to see as much of the teams it young talent as possible in the last month of the season. chris tillman will start against tampa bay. nationals outfielder nyjer war and was suspended for eight games for this incident, charging the mound -- nyjer morgan. the florida picture also faces a six-game suspension. that is a big leak take down. the forecast is straight ahead.
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>> earl has come and gone and is now turning to the north. we will show you what it did at ocean city. a preview of the sold-out justin bieber concert slated for sunday night at the maryland state
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>> earl is moving off the coast. we are also getting reports tonight on the other side of the world a major earthquake down in new zealand at christ church. we'll probably hear more about that as we go over the next 24 hours or so. around here, a much quieter weekend shaping up as earl pulls away. upper 70's for high saturday and sunday. low 50's early in the morning on sunday and morning. that will not be a permanent fall pattern. we will be back close to nine the next week. >> thanks for joining us. we will see back here at 11:00.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill.

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